Afi Indraswari, Passionate in Marketing Communication

Afi Indraswari, a student from Bogor who is fondly called Afi, has been a Communication Management student at Padjadjaran University since 2019. At that time, she was determined to pursue communication after 3 years of studying in the pure science department. As a result, her decision brought her to where she is now. Right in the final semester, Afi started her career at PT Unilever Indonesia as Assistant Brand Manager – Marketing. During her study period, she participated in Independent Campus Certified Internships at PT Paragon Technology and Innovation as a Corporate Communication Intern and regular internships at PT Unilever Indonesia as a Marketing Intern and Dentsu Indonesia as a Project Executive Intern. All of her experience is closely related to the world of marketing, especially in the field of consumer goods.

When she was a new student, Afi was introduced to the world of marketing communication through a major-level student orientation program called Intro. There, Afi and all Communication Management students learned to deal with real problems that need to be solved by marketing communications practitioners. Her love for the world of marketing has deepened since she became acquainted with consumer behavior courses in her third semester—the intersection between communication science, psychology, and business. She found that understanding consumer problems, the way they think, act, to the important role of marketers in meeting consumer needs is so much fun to learn. This ability is also deepened through various competition activities in the fields of marketing, public relations, and branding at the national level.

Together with her friends, Jessica Manuela Susanto and Rheivita Mutiara (Mankom 19), she won the national branding competition held by Pelita Harapan University by designing a brand identity formulation that can solve consumer problems, as well as encourage sales. Apart from designing general marketing strategies, Afi also has an interest in managing social media. Afi together with her best friend, Arisa Febia Rahma (Mankom 19), managed to win the Social Media Campaign national competition on 1st place.

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