The Communication Management Study Program accepts new students through three predetermined pathways, namely the National Selection for National Selection Based on Achievement (SNBP), National Selection Based on Tests (SNBT), and Padjadjaran University Entrance Selection (SMUP)

Admission System

New student admissions for the Undergraduate Communication Management Study Program Fikom Unpad are carried out through:

  1. SNBP
    1. Selection will focus on awarding high recognition in secondary education.
    2. Giving a minimum weight of 50% for the average value of report cards for all subjects and 50% is taken from the interest and talent digging component.
    3. Quota: maximum 20%
  2. SNBT
    1. Based on UTBK results only, but only scholastic test that measures four aspects, including cognitive potential, mathematics reasoning, literacy in Indonesian and English (which is jointly determined by public universities).
    2. Quota: maximum 40%
  3. Independent (SMUP Unpad)
    1. New student admissions through selection using SNBT/UTBK 2023 score or using SMUP score (for graduating students in 2021, 2022, and 2023).
    2. The material for SMUP exam is in the form of a Learning Ability Test (TKB) which is equivalent to the SNBT exam.
    3. SMUP undergraduate examination will be held online and can be taken from each participant’s home on July 8-10, 2023.
    4. Quota: maximum 40%

Admission Information

The requirements for prospective students on the SNMPTN and SBMPTN pathways include administrative, academic, and medical tests, along with the registration procedure, which can be accessed through the page. Meanwhile, the requirements for the SMUP pathway can be accessed through the page and registration information through the information page.