Vision and Mission


Becoming the best major that is committed to excellence in the field of Communication Management and is able to compete at the national, regional and international levels in 2026.


  • Organizing quality, professional and ethical Bachelor of Communication Management education
  • Carry out quality research in the field of Communication Management and be able to solve problems in the field of Communication Management
  • Organizing quality Community Service (PKM) with the application of Communication Management concepts
  • Carry out management education by applying the principle of quality assurance
  • To build partnerships on an ongoing basis by applying the principles of equality and trustworthiness.


  • Producing graduates who have scientific integrity and act ethically in implementing Communication Management.
  • Producing graduates who have knowledge and skills in Communication Management and can utilize communication resources to solve problems related to Communication Management field.
  • Producing graduates who are able to work in Communication Management field in development dynamics, especially in the communication field, and generally in social, cultural, and communication technology fields.
  • Producing graduates with will and ability to work cooperatively with various parties to solve problems under the Communication Management framework.