List of lecturer expertise Communication Management Study Program

NoLectureResearch FieldExpertise
1Prof. Dr.H. Engkus Kuswarno, M.Si.– Introduction to Communication Management
– Qualitative Research Methods
Development Communication
2Prof. Dr.Atwar Bajari, M.Si.– Communication Theories
– Qualitative Research Methods
– Social Communication
– Communication Methods
3Dr. Slamet Mulyana, Drs., M.I.Kom.– Marketing Communication
– Qualitative Research Methods
Marketing Communication
4Dr. Asep Suryana, M.Si.– Marketing Communication
– Quantitative Research Methods
Marketing Communication
5Prof.Dr.Eni Maryani, M.Si.– Media Industry
– Qualitative Research Methods
Communication, Media, and Gender
6Dr.H.Antar Venus, Drs., M.A.Comm.– Communication Theories
– Campaign Management
Communication Theories
7Dr. Rd.Hj.Funny Mustikasari Elita, Dra., M.Si.– Business Communication
– Organizational and Industrial Communication
Organizational Communication
8Dr. Teddy K. Wirakusumah, M.I.Kom.– Strategic Writing
– Multimedia Communication Management
Visual Communication
9Dr. Ira Mirawati, M.Si.– Communication Consulting
– Communication Planning
Communication Training and Planning
10Dr. Ilham Gemiharto, M.Si.– Cross-Cultural Communication
– Qualitative Research Methods
Communication and Culture
11Dr. Phil. Subekti Wirabhuana P., S.Sos., M.A.Kom– Digital Communication Technology and Society
– Communication for Development and Social Change
Social Communication and Communication Technology
12Meria Octavianti, S.Sos., M.I.Kom– Marketing Communication
– Quantitative Research Methods
Marketing Communication
13Detta Rahmawan, S.I.Kom., M.A– Digital Media Management
– Media Industry
Digital Media Industry
14Putri Trulline, S.I.Kom., M.I.Kom– Communication Audit
– Public Speaking
Business Communication
15Yuliani Dewi Risanti, S.I.Kom., M.B.A– Business Communication
– Communication Consulting
Business Communication
16Frila Nurfadila, S.Psi., M.B.A.– Communication Psychology
– Communication Consulting
Communication Psychology