Student Association (Hima Mankom)

Communication Management Student Association (Hima Mankom) Faculty of Communication at Universitas Padjadjaran is an organization that becomes a personal development medium and accommodates the aspirations of Communication Management Study Program’s students. Hima Mankom helps to gather and develop various potentials and talents of all Communication Management students at the Faculty of Communication Universitas Padjadjaran. With this forum, each individual is expected to distribute various dreams as a learning medium in order to become an excellent individual.

Program Kerja Hima Mankom


It is an initial regeneration program for new students of Communication Management which is packaged with fun and creative concepts.

Company Visit

This is a visit to a company related to the work prospects of the Communication Management study program.


It is a digital bulletin as a forum for publishing creativity and meeting information needs.

Mankom Unpad

Purple Creation

Is a form of an entrepreneurship program that sells products and services in the form of a social media marketing consultant that is aligned with one of the focuses of Communication Management science.

Perank Mankom

A competition between batch of Hima Mankom members with various competitions is held every year to increase the competitiveness spirit as well as to make every batch more engaged with each other.


“Kumpul Mankom” is a bonding activity conducted by Hima Mankom internal members in the middle of busy schedules to relieve fatigue and increase engagement between members.


It is a national-scale communication competition to train social issue-solving skills from the communication science perspective.