Glory Joysela Rodame, 2023 IISMA Szeged University Awardee from Communication Management Study Program Unpad

IISMA is one of the eight flagship programs of the Merdeka Campus organized by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia through the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. This scholarship program has the objective of providing opportunities for students to develop themselves off-campus at the best universities abroad. Through this opportunity, Glory Joysela Rodame, who is familiarly called Glory, is interested in enrolling in the IISMA 2023 program. According to her, by participating in this program, she can explore more deeply knowledge, experience, and character development for herself.

In achieving his Awardee at Szeged University, Since childhood, Glory has targeted Europe as a destination country for her to develop her potential. The strategy that Glory takes to get greater opportunities to enter European universities is to choose a university outside the Western European region. This is because Western Europe is an advanced region that is favored by students, so Glory chose Eastern Europe.

Glory Joysela Rodame, Communication Management Student Batch 2020

Glory has several course options that she will take in his studies, namely communication, business, or psychology because they are in accordance with her passion and also the major he is currently pursuing. Apart from these three choices, Glory also wants to study music. Amidst her busy academic schedule, Glory made his preparations starting by honing his English skills so she could take the English Proficiency test smoothly, writing an essay as one of the IISMA selection stages, and tidying up her LinkedIn and CV.

“Hopefully, I’ll make the most out of it from academia, friends, environment, etc. and definitely return to Indo, there’s something I can contribute to the people around me, my impression is that the juice is definitely worth the squeeze for sufficient IISMA preparation this bloodshed, and the message is for everyone who wants to register for IISMA, cheer up,” said Glory in closing.

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