Muhamad Zidan Erlangga, Active and Passionate in Organizations Since Middle School

Muhamad Zidan Erlangga, who is fondly called Zidan, is a Communication Management student, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Unpad class of 2021. Zidan chose to continue his education after graduating from SMAN 71 Jakarta in the Communication Management study program. At the beginning of finding a study program he didn’t really understand but was excited and curious about the study program, after he found out more he was even more convinced to choose Communication Management and succeed in becoming a student in 2021 after passing a series of tests.

Zidan is someone who likes to be in organizations, he is always enthusiastic in joining organizations which makes him have various experiences in organizations. He has always been part of the OSIS management at both the junior and senior high school levels and also various organizations outside of school. However, when he entered college, he admitted that he had a problem. As a result of one or two reasons, he was always hesitant to take opportunities either in committees or in organizations. As time went on, he began to believe in himself again that the organizations he had been involved with always brought benefits and happiness. He also returned to participating in organizations with enthusiasm and one of them was becoming a part of Hima Mankom.

Kegiatan Dies Natalis Mankom 2023

Now Zidan is trusted by his friends to carry out the mandate to become Chair of the Communications Management Association for the 2023 period. Hima Mankom, who now has the name Cabinet Expression, has a vision of wanting to be a forum for expression for its members and prioritizing maximum relevance and usability. Zidan and his friends are now working together to realize the targeted vision. Zidan also often says and hopes that all members of Hima Mankom can express themselves together and make the widest possible expression!

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