Khayrani Kamal, Enriching Herself with Opportunities

Khayani Kamal Bhojwani or who is usually called Rani is a person of Padang and Indian descent but grew up and grew up in Bekasi. Currently, she is studying in the Communication Management study program, at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Padjadjaran University class of 2020. Rani chose Communication Management as her study program because she saw that Communication Management has broad and interesting job prospects and this job prospect is in line with what she’s headed.

During college, Rani realized that being a student gave her privileges because it has a very big opportunity to follow and pursue various things. She also participated in various activities ranging from organizations, committees, and even programs such as apprenticeships. Besides that, she also likes to take part in various competitions around her and not only participates but also wins in several competitions she participates in. Rani feels like she wants to make the most of her college years by acquiring and trying many things that can add to her knowledge, skills, and experience. According to her, the biggest challenge in participating in various activities is how to manage time. Despite trying various opportunities she still prioritizes her academics. Of course, as a student, lectures and academic activities remain important things for her. Dividing time between various activities is something that may be difficult but not impossible so if this is done properly, everything will run smoothly. Rani also believes not to be afraid of failure because as long as you are still in college it is a place to learn so it’s okay if you fail.

Apart from seeking great benefits for herself, Rani also has great hopes of being able to provide benefits to many people. This is a motivation for her to create content on his TikTok platform. Since the end of 2021, Rani has also been passionate about creating content with educational themes such as organizations, internship interviews, study tips, and others.

In the future, Rani also hopes that she can continue to develop herself and always develop the Tiktok platform that she now has. He wants to be consistent to always share useful content. Now also from one of her wishes to have experience in the international sphere can be realized. She is very grateful that in 2023 she will have the opportunity to take part in the fellowship program at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Rani really hopes that her latest activity will go well and bring good things back to Indonesia.

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